2021 John Sperdakes Memorial Golf Tournament

The John Sperdakes Memorial Tournament was started in 2001 by a special group of individuals, team members and baseball players. Yes, that’s right, baseball players, all of whom shared a vision to be the best team on, and more importantly, off the field. In January of 2001 the team suddenly lost long time coach and friend John Sperdakes. In memory of John the tournament began as an intermediate “A” baseball tournament with the host team winning 3 of the 4 years…actually let’s just say the Chiefs won it every year.

In 2005 the event moved to the golf course where it has continued to thrive and has even begun to raise funds for select charities. The event began raising funds in 2010 and within a short time frame and with large support from the community and golfers, managed to raise $4000 in its first year of fundraising. In 2011 the tournament developed an annual bursary in memory of those Alumni that have since passed. The bursary is given to an underprivileged child to put towards costs of community sports.

The JSMT has been designed to accommodate a more intimate field of players with nearly 40 participants in this annually sold out event. The event includes a full array of activities including an Opening Reception, Welcome Breakfast and the Day of Golf, followed by an Awards Banquet Dinner and after hours party.

This tournament could not happen without the support of our participants, volunteers and sponsors and we thank you all for your contribution.

The organizing committee wishes to thank everyone for their support in helping us reach our goal of raising funds for select charities over the years. Whether you are a sponser, supporter, volunteer or golfer, this day would not be a success without you.


The Troy Barnet Award was instituted to remember all of the individuals we have lost over the past years who have been synonymous with the Sackville Chiefs and the JSMT Golf Invitational. Troy was a kind, loyal, hard working and generous person who never once complained during his fight with cancer. Being the humble individual he was, this Award is to not only honor Troy, but to remember ALL of those we have lost during our time together on the ball field and golf course, Troy, Glen Hansen and Louis Chiasson, just to name a few. We will be donating $1,000 to a local Sackville charity.


In support of a local community charity in the amount of $1,000.




Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada


Our Vision

Our vision is: To find the cause of and a cure for brain tumours while improving the quality of life for those affected. Research is the key to achieving our vision.

Who We Are

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is made up of a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and health care professionals, all working together for the same goal: End brain tumours. Our head office is located in London, Ontario.

We are unique in that we work to serve the needs of Canadians affected by both malignant and non-malignant brain tumours.

Hope and support are at the core of everything we do – whether it’s funding new and exciting research into brain tumour treatments, or bringing patients, survivors, and families closer together at our Brain Tumour Walk events and support groups.

Over the years, we’ve grown from a local operation to a national organization, raising millions to find a cure for brain tumours while supporting tens of thousands of Canadians along their brain tumour journeys.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is funded entirely through generous donations from individuals, corporations, and employee groups as well as through memorial gifts, planned giving and special events.

We’re here to help anyone affected by any type of brain tumour. When we say you are not alone, it’s not just a motto – it’s why we exist.

Brain tumours are unpredictable and complex. They can affect vision, hearing, memory, balance, and mobility. Their effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime.

That’s why we work so hard to give the estimated 55,000 Canadians currently living with a brain tumour hope.

Hope through research.

Hope through patient and survivor support.

Hope for a cure.

Your Impact

Learn about all of the strides being made to support the 55,000 Canadians living with a brain tumour by reading the annual reports, found below.

In these reports, you will find the impact of how donors like you lift the burden of a brain tumour, including:

  • Stories about patients and families whose lives are improving thanks to you
  • Stories about the donors just like you whose commitment ensures change is happening
  • Brief financial summaries

Donate Now

Make a gift to support brain tumour patient programs and research today.

When a loved one hears the words, “you have a brain tumour”, we are all affected. Affected by a flood of emotion, feelings of expectation, and the desire to do something…anything to make things better.

No matter how you choose to make a difference, thank you for your trust, confidence and partnership.

Donate Here





  • SINCE 2010

2019 TOTAL

  • Robert MacQueen Bursary
  • David Whitehead Foundation

2018 TOTAL

  • Multiple Mylenoma
  • SHS Breakfast



  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Hayden McAvoy


  • Tri-County Baseball
  • Lion’s Club


  • Rylee Sears Schollarship
  • Avalon Sexual Assult Center


  • Sackville United Scoccer Club
  • Nourish Nova Scotia










“It’s About the Positives”


Est. 1921 New Minas, Nova Scotia

Located in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Ken-Wo Golf Club was formed in 1921. Ken-Wo is a member-owned course welcoming guests to its championship location. Being one of the oldest clubs in Nova Scotia, Ken-Wo boasts a challenging 18-hole layout over 6,300 yards. In recent years, the club has hosted the Canadian Junior Championship and the Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship, recognizing its reputation as a challenging course. More close to home, Ken-Wo hosts the annual Apple Blossom Tournament, a significant golfing event in the early season that draws many top provincial amateurs. Ken-Wo has a course rating of 70.1 and a slope of 130. The Club also provides a fully stocked Pro Shop, three practice putting and chipping greens, a driving range, as well as power cart and club rentals.



Ken-Wo boasts a challenging 18-hole layout over 6,300 yards.
Take a virtual tour of the course in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

Contact Us


2021 Teams and Tee Times

Good luck and have fun!


9:00AM: Light breakfast, ke-wo golf club house
10:54AM – 12:42PM: JSMT tournament tee times – ken-wo golf course

  • 10:54AM
  • Dave MacDonald / Rick Hamilton / Wayne Burns / Murray Boutilier
  • 11:03AM
  • Jim MacDonald / Ron Boutilier / Wayne MacDonald / Kipper Standen
  • 11:12AM
  • Bill Harris / Scott Sturgeon / Dan O'Flaherty / Yorke O'Flaherty
  • 11:21AM
  • Rene George / Elwin George / Andrew Mills / Scotty Forest
  • 11:30AM
  • Paul Nurse / Caden Nurse / Barry Nurse / Uncle Bobby
  • 11:39AM
  • Matt Fleming / Trevor Doyle / Todd Sparkes / Danny MacDonald
  • 11:48AM
  • Gord Lovett / Craig Rigby / Dean Evong / Mike Duffy
  • 11:57AM
  • Chris Sperdakes / Craig MacDonald / Andrew Bartlett / Peter Murphy
  • 12:06AM
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Rodney Spike / Pat Churney / Sharky Cairns
  • 12:15AM
  • Nick Pearl / Marco Ferro / Ron Armstrong / Mike Burns
  • 12:24AM
  • JJ Doyle / Matt Quinn / Mark Haverstock / Shawn MacKay
  • 12:33AM
  • Peter MacDonald / Matt Gaudet / Ryan O'Flaherty / Jeff O'Flaherty
  • 12:42AM
  • Mike Thorne / Ronnie Langille / Glenn Lovett / Corey Romyn



  • 2018
  • Nick Pearl / Rodney Spike / Mike Burns / Mike Duffy
  • 2017
  • Rene George / Elwin George / Scott Forrest / Kipper Standen / Billy Wilson
  • 2016
  • Jeff Lockhart / Murray Boutilier / Harold Mills / Luke Smith
  • 2015
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Adam Masland / Jeff Lockhart / Randy Hillier
  • 2014
  • Dan O'Flaherty / Robert Blackwood / Jarrod Romyn / Jason Joseph Doyle
  • 2013
  • Mark Cairns / Matthew Mills / Billy Wilson / Chris Sperdakes
  • 2012
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Scott Sturgeon / Trevor Doyle / Kipper Standen
  • 2011
  • Matt Fleming / Mark Cairns / Ryan Butler / Andrew Bartlett
  • 2010
  • Matt Fleming / Frank Murphy / Peter Murphy / Scott Sturgeon
  • 2009
  • Paul Nurse / Rodney Spike / Pat Churney / Mike Burns / Mark Cairns
  • 2008
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Troy Barnet / Peter Murphy / Andrew Bartlett
  • 2007
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Peter Murphy / Pat Churney / Andrew Bartlett
  • 2006
  • Sean O'Flaherty / Peter Murphy / Pat Churney / Andrew Bartlett
  • 2005
  • Wayne MacDonald / Peter MacDonald / Ron Boutilier / Dennis Fougere



The tournament organisers would like to thank the following proud past participants in the John Sperdakes Memorial golf tournament.

Ron Armstrong
TJ Armstrong
Andrew Barlett
Troy Barnet
Barry Barnet
Mark Benoit
Troy Benoit
Rob Blackwood
Andrew Bondy
Murray Boutilier
Ron Boutilier
Colin Brien
Mike Burns
Wayne Burns
Ryan Butler
Mark Cairns
Pat Churney
Cory Cox
Kris DeWolfe
JJ Doyle
Dan Duffy
Mike Duffy


Marco Ferro
Matt Fleming
Steve Foot
Scott Forrest
Dennis Fougere
Matt Gaudet
Elwin George
Rene George
Matthew Ghiz
Bill Harris
Rick Hamilton
Rob Hansen
Carl Hausman
Ryan Hawkins
Randy Hillier
Rodney Hillier
Jack Hingston
Brian Irwin
Todd James
Brian Kelly
Adam Kneale
Jeff Lockhart

Gary Kelly
Glen Loder
Craig MacDonald
Danny MacDonald
Hewson MacDonald
Peter MacDonald
Wayne MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald
Shaun MacDonald
Gregor McPherson
Stewart Martin
Adam Masland
Jeff McMullin
Andrew Mills
Harold Mills
Matthew Mills
Peter Murphy
Frank Murphy
Mike Murray
Barry Nurse
Paul Nurse
Steven Nurse



Caden Nurse
Ryan O’Flaherty
Dan O’Flaherty
Jeff O’Flaherty
Ron O’Flaherty
Sean O’Flaherty
Mike O’Flaherty
Yorke O’Flaherty
Bruce Partridge
Nick Pearl
Scott Pellerine
Matt Quinn
Dave Reid
Mike Reid
Craig Rigby
Jarrod Romyn
Matt Rossong
Adam Schellenberg
Todd Sparkes
Chris Sperdakes
Rodney Spike
Kipper Standen

Mike Stickland
Mike Thorne
Scott Sturgeon
Mike Walker
Travis Whitehead
Craig Whynot
Billy Wilson
Brian Wishart

“If you play one year, we invite you back the next year. It’s about a group of people who all know each other.”


Contact us

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Chris Sperdakes

6174 Quinpool Road
Halifax, NS, B3L 1A3
Work: 902.446.3202
Cell: 902.830.2512

Andrew Bartlett

1648 Riverside Drive
Lr. Sackville, NS, B4C 2Y8
Work: 902.422.7383
Cell: 902.430.0426